Escurridor de plástico para encimera, negro


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  • The kitchen dish drainer features 6 slots for standing plates and bowls to dry. It also has a removable tray for emptying water and a spout for draining.
  • The kitchen drainer mat features many slots to drain dishes efficiently. The water simply drips into the tray below, preventing water on the worktop.
  • The washing up drainer is ideal for homes and apartments that have no draining board on the sink. It provides a safe, assigned space for drying all dishes.
  • The cup and plate drainer is measured at 42.7 cm x 20.3 cm x 5.5 cm. It will fit comfortably on any kitchen worktop or draining board, saving space.
  • The dish drying rack is crafted from plastic. The material is rust-proof and long-lasting. Wash the drainer and tray with mild soapy water and a cloth.