One Handle Multiple Cleaning Solutions Grey



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  • Floor Wiper: Rotates 360° and reaches anywhere. Removable dry/wet disposable sheet
  • Surface Wiper: Three different angles to expand reachable area. Removable, washable mop head. Can catch small dust
  • Short Broom: Horse hair catches tiny dirt or dust particles easily. Flexible rotating head expands reachable area
  • Brush: The pointed head shape can clean corners and small spaces. Easily clean grime out of tiles with tough, durable bristles. Three different angles to expand reachable area
  • Squeegee Wiper: Soft and flexible Elastomer blade. Won’t leave any scratches. Works on curved surface. Ideal for wiping mirrors, windows, glass, or smooth tiles
  • Tub Wiper: Individually netted fibers in the mop can easily remove grime from your bathtub surface. Upon use, just shake once to drain the water and discard collected grime. Dries quickly
  • Bending Duster: Morphs to reach anywhere. Microfiber material catches tiny dirt. Washable
  • Duster: Easily reach high places with the Satto handle. Unique mesh fiber catches every tiny dust particle
  • Bath Sponge: The pointed head shape cleans corners and small spaces. Three different angles to expand reachable area
  • Dustpan: Easy to catch any small dust with rubber edge. Can be stored with Satto broom
  • Bucket with lid
  • Available in color white or grey